SVG Files – What are they? Where do I get them?

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I get a lot of the topics for my blog post from questions I see being asked on Facebook Groups for Cricut.  I like to try to answer questions or solve problems that people are having with the information in on my blog.  One question I see asked over and over is what is a svg file and how do I use that in Cricut Design Space.

So today, let’s talk about svg files . . . what are they and where do you get them.

what is a svg file

What is a SVG file?

A svg file is a Scalable Vector Graphics is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics. Basically, is a cutting file that can be used with your Cricut or other die cutting machine. To use this image, you download it to your computer.  It usually comes in a zipped folder, which you will have to unzip to get at the actual svg file.  For me, I right click on the zip folder and unzip it and then I can upload the svg file into Cricut Design Space.

Personally, I will always look in Cricut Design Space first to see if there is an image there that works for my needs before I go looking for a svg file.

If you are working with a svg file, there is no need to clean it up when you load it into Cricut Design Space.  It should already be cleaned up and divided into layers by color for you.  If you happen to get a bad svg, and it has way more layers than the number of colors you want to cut, check out THIS information on how you might be able to fix a bad svg.  

SVG files have to be made in a program outside of Design Space, like Inkscape.  You cannot save a design you created in Cricut Design Space as a svg file.

Below I am going to list some sites where you can get free svg files and are a good high quality images.  Just click on the name to be taken to the site to view their svg files.  If you are buying a svg from someone, please read the reviews.  Not everyone knows how to create a svg so that the colors are broken into layers for you.

Websites with FREE svg files


Craft House SVG – You can save 10% when you use my coupon code SHAWNMOSCH


Craft Bundles

Design Bundles
The Hungry JPEG

Creative Fabrica

SVG and Me

Shop Craftables

SVG Cuts

SVG Cutting Files

Miss Kate Cuttables



Here is a video that will show you how to download a svg, unzip that downloaded folder so you can get to the svg file, and how to upload that svg to Cricut Design Space.

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